Our Mission

“To produce community and basic research oriented doctors with scientific knowledge, competence, objectivity, rationality and ability to detect early signs of disease for offering treatment to their patients in a humane manner with responsibility.”


Learning outcomes have been developed after taking into account, the documents of the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council’s Seven Star Doctor and WFME. The learning outcomes have been addressed according to the desired knowledge, skills and attitudes, required from successful graduates after completing 5 years of program, to practice as a safe and professional doctor. Curriculum aims that a fresh medical graduate should have following professional and human qualities.

A-Knowledge and understanding of:
1.Structure and function of human body in health and disease
2.The diseases prevalent in the community

1. To acquire a desired practical level of competence according to the goals set in the syllabus
2. To make early diagnosis and manage diseases prevalent in the community
3. To be able to diagnose patients needing management by specialist/ tertiary care hospital

1. To develop excellent communication skills with patients, colleagues, nurses, paramedical staff and community.
2. Show an ethical and professional attitude befitting our cultural values towards patients, seniors and colleagues.
3. Work responsibly, objectively, rationally and effectively with all team members